The workshop series includes three, three-day workshops at Uppsala University, Sweden, May 2022, at the University of Bergen, Norway, September 2023, and at The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies, Iceland, May 2023.

These workshops will achieve the following:

  • Draft common metadata principles and common ontologies for spatial data interoperability in different humanities sectors in the Nordic countries;
  • Lay the foundations for drafting a joint grant application within the Horizon Europe Program in which the Nordic team takes the lead;
  • Establish a strong interdisciplinary and multisectoral network with a long-term impact to disseminate the workshops’ results, promote LOD and FAIR principles and ensure excellence in research data management and interoperability across spatial humanities in the Nordic countries.
  • Link together two existing spatial infrastructures developed in Nordic countries and focused on Nordic spatial data as an explorative case study of LOD implementation. These projects are the Iceland-based ‘The Icelandic Saga Map’ (developed by co-proposer Emily Lethbridge) and the Sweden-based ‘Norse World’ (managed by Alexandra Petrulevich). The aim is to explore how to maximise the projects’ research potential and their Nordic added value.



May 30 - June 1 2022


September 2022


May 2023